Dec 11th Scotia Place (Edmonton) power restored

The power to our scotia place facility in Edmonton was restored late this afternoon.

We did not experience any downtime thanks to the natural gas backup generator on site. There is a UPS that needs work as it was damaged at the power loss, however it is not serious.

Oct 4th Server outage restored

Cpanel service and the hard drive was recovered by 11:00 (A.M.) yesterday.

We had a 30A power stip that was overloaded in our co-location facility.

Last night we added two more 15A power strips and have two power feeds to our three power strips now.

Oct 3rd CPanel server outage

Our cpanel service are currently down. We will be restoring from September 27th as soon as possible.

Downtime is expected to be several hours.

Sep 4th CIRA (dot-ca) downtime

Please be advised that CIRA will be performing maintenance in the Production environment on September 5, 2013. The details of the maintenance windows are as follows: Production – 1 hour window - Thursday, September 5, 2013 – 23:00 (ET) – 00:00 (ET) Please note that you may experience intermittent service on dot-ca names during ... Read More »

Nov 11th Closing Tickets

When we close a ticket, this does not bean that your hosting services are closed. A ticket is something that we or you open to ask a question.

Nov 1st Upgrade Complete

We have upgraded both the billing server, and the billing software. We are already seeing speed improvement in the billing system, and client area. Enjoy.

Oct 30th CIRA back to normal

CIRA connections have resumed to normal operations.

Oct 30th CIRA temporarily down today

An unexpected downtime from CIRA today has resulted in slow delays, and errors when displaying domain names in the "MyDomains" area of the client area.

We are waiting for CIRA to respond to our support notifictions on this issue.

Oct 29th Maintenance in progress

Maintenance will be in progress until early morning 2012/10/29

Oct 24th Reboot in progress


We are currently shutting down and rebooting one of our servers.

This should take approximately 1-2 hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.